Dana to Speak at National Coalition of Girls School Conference

Dana will be speaking at the National Coalition of Girls Schools conference later this month in Washington, DC along with colleagues Sheika Luc and Michele Williams from Katherine Delmar Burke School.

Our session is entitled "Surveys, Dashboards, Information Overload: Now What?" and was born from a project that DNI Consulting did with Burke's last summer and is repeating this summer. By combining deep dive market research with the robust quantitative data we procured on behalf of the school, we are able to make very specific recommendations to improve the admission process for families and focus messaging on specific audiences. Our presentation at the conference will reflect on our experiences and discuss next steps.

Here is our session description- we hope to see you there!

"Data is the rage across administrative departments, including enrollment management. Dashboards, surveys, projections… we all want it. But what questions are we really trying to answer? And how can those answers inform enrollment strategy? At Burke’s, we wanted to know details about families at all points in our admission funnel. By surveying families, and by combining the qualitative with the quantitative information we gathered, we were able to develop a deeper understanding of the experience of prospective families. Learn how using data “behind the scenes” can inform substantive changes in the process to attract mission-appropriate families to your school."