Post-Season Surveying


In many parts of the country, admission officers are taking a deep breath, or are just about to take that breath. Whether your seats are filled or not, the traditional "busy" season is coming to a close. Naturally, this is hardly true at all schools - year round admissions is becoming more and more the norm - but as we get to the end of March, if you aren't really winding down, you may be winding into a new mode of operating.

It is ever so tempting to stop here. You have enrolled great new families, you've adeptly handled your waitpool, you have gently managed any denials. But there is a huge, HUGE opportunity in front of you: surveying families with varying admission and enrollment decisions.

In the next few posts, I'll be discussing some of the most important post-season surveys. Populations to consider include declining families, families who didn't complete your process, enrolling families, and attriting families. The learnings from these constituents is a goldmine of actionable information.