New Parent Wins

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As your admission season for next year picks up speed, it is important not to forget about the families who are still new to your community. Time moves differently for new families: your sense that school is in full swing may not be the experience of a new family to your community.

Two quick action items you can take today:

1) A brief communication from the admission office can mean the world to a new family. You were their first contact at the school and, often, the person they are still most comfortable with until they have time to get to know other members of the faculty and administration, even when a conference has likely already occurred.  Resist the temptation to think that families are “all set”.

Consider sending an email to new families simply saying, “It was such a pleasure getting to know your family during the admission process and I wanted to be in touch to be sure you are settling in. Remember, if you are ever unsure about whom to contact with questions, you can always count on me to direct your inquiries! We are so glad you are at XXX School!” This type of simple email can go such a long way, as it is not uncommon for new families to feel a little forgotten by the admission team once they enroll and the new admission season has shifted focus to the prospective families for the coming school year.

2) It’s a great time to “ping” buddy families, room parents, or other current parents to reach out to new families to touch base and provide information about upcoming events. As we get to Halloween and then into the holiday season, remember that your school traditions are foreign to new families. They don’t know what to wear, what to bring, if it’s a “be on time or you’ll never find parking” or a “be fashionably late” kind of event.

Some thoughtful attention will go a long way toward ensuring a successful transition for those who are new, and will pay dividends in your word of mouth marketing.

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