School A is a well-known K-12 school with a very successful signature program located in a mid-sized city. The school was considering adding a boarding component to their high school program. The campus was large enough but would require new or remodeled buildings. They engaged us to research ten metro areas within a five-hour drive of the campus for feasibility of adding a boarding program.


We provided qualitative and quantitative research in order to flesh out the possibilities for this school.

  • Geographic mapping of current families
  • Competitive landscape analysis, including pricing and positioning of competitors in all ten metro areas.
  • Campus visit with focus groups including parents, students, faculty and staff.
  • Demographic projection snapshot of current service area
  • Psychographic current snapshot of current service area
  • Demographic projection snapshot of all ten potential service areas
  • Psychographic current snapshot of potential service areas for day students
  • Current parent survey (web-based and by phone)
  • Phone interviews with educational consultants
  • Attrition survey (web-based and by phone)
  • Close review of all strategic enrollment management procedures and materials
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